Scripture reading

GOD said to Moses: “All right. Just as you say; this also I will do, for I know you well and you are special to me. I know you by name.”

–Exodus 33:17

Thought of the Day

The Discovery channel is an amazing thing. I love to turn it on and find out random information about random things. I recently watched a whole program on zebras. It was pretty interesting. Even though they look like horses, they are really not horses. Have you ever heard a zebra? They sound more like a dog than a horse, which is Ok since they are really not horses, even though they look like horses. (That may be one of the most mindless sentences I have ever written.) Are you like me and ever wondered if a zebra’s stripes go all the way through? Does a zebra have white meat then dark meat and then white meat then dark; I think you get the picture? I may have to write the Discovery Channel to find out.

Anyway, I found out that much like snowflakes, no two zebras are alike. Each zebra has unique and distinct markings different then every other zebra. By the way, zebras are not like snowflakes in any way whatsoever, other than they are not alike. (This may be the second most mindless sentence ever.) Even though it might be hard for you to pick out a particular zebra from a crowd of other zebras you could do it. If you studied and knew each zebra, you would find that they are each unique and special.

Guess what? God says the same thing to us that He said to Moses. He knows us well and we are all special to Him. He knows us by name. Why? Because He loves us. Never ever forget that fact.


Lord, Thank you for knowing me and still loving me. Amen.

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