Scripture reading

Show me the wonder of Your great love.

–Psalm 17:7

Thought of the Day

I was surfing around the World Wide Web today and found a site that listed the Top One Hundred Wonders of the World. It was pretty cool. You could go through and check the ones that you had visited. I must live a pretty sheltered life. I had only seen eight of the wonders. Of course, I might just be not very smart, I hadn’t even heard of thirty-eight of the wonders. They were not listed in any order, but these were the first ten wonders listed.

The Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, the Serengeti migration, the Galapagos islands, the Grand Canyon, the Machu Picchu, Igauzu Falls, Bali, and the Amazon rain forest. (In case you are wondering, Machu Picchu is the lost city of the Incas in Peru.) There are a lot of wonders in the world, I guess.

Even though I was pretty clueless about the top one hundred wonders of the world, I am pretty clued on some other wonders of the world. Here is my list. Check it out and then why don’t you make your own list.

The love of God, unbelievable Sunsets, newborn babies, true servanthood observed in others, God’s Grace, Christ’s Forgiving Way, and Compassion to all.


God of Wonder, Shower me in Your love. Amen.

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