Undead Dog

Scripture reading

Be wise in the way you act towards outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.
–Colossians 4:5

Thought of the Day

There is a dog in Park Hills, Mo. named Sweetie that really needs to read and understand these words from Paul. Of course if Sweetie could read and understand these words, his owner Glenda Stevens would be loving life and making a lot of money, because dogs can’t read and understand scripture. Or at least, I don’t think they can. Anyway, Sweetie had a tough week last week. One morning, Sweetie was not wise in the way he acted towards outsiders when he chased after a mail delivery truck. Unfortunately the mail truck won. Glenda found Sweetie as the article wrote, “sprawled on the pavement near the mailbox”. (Kind of ironic to be next to the mailbox, I guess) Unable to detect a heartbeat, Glenda assumed Sweetie was dead and dug a grave in her back yard and buried dear old Sweetie. A few hours later, much to her shock and amazement, Glenda saw Sweetie’s hind legs sticking out of the ground. The presumed dead dog was digging himself out. Sweetie was rushed to the vet and is undergoing treatment.
I don’t know how Sweetie is doing today, but I imagine that as he reflects back on his experience he is grateful. I hope that he makes the most of the opportunity. Now I don’t think that this same thing will ever happen to you, (watch out for those mail trucks), but Paul’s words can apply to you as well. Are you making the most of the opportunities that God gives you?


God, Guide me through my opportunities. Amen.

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