Thy Word is a Lamp

Scripture reading

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
–Psalm 119:105

Thought of the Day

I recently read some amazing statistics about our fellow Americans and our knowledge about the Bible. These might blow you away. Over eighty percent of Americans claim to believe in the Ten Commandments, but few can name more than four of them. (Why don’t you try it?) Easily one half of adult Americans cannot identify the first book of the Bible. (Of course you knew it was Genesis.) Hopefully you are not anywhere close to being part of the fourteen percent of those who identify Joan of Arc as Noah’s wife. (I am not kidding.)

It makes me wonder what other parts of the Bible are most people missing. I also wonder how some of the people are able to exist in the world. Now I don’t think you have to be a Biblical scholar, but everyone should know that Joan was Noah’s sister. (Just kidding.) I’m pretty sure they weren’t related at all.

I guess we just need to listen to what the psalmist wrote a long time ago. If we truly believed and lived our lives with the Word being the lamp to our path, then our lives would be better. We would be illuminated beyond our wildest dreams.


Lord, Open up my heart to knowing You. Amen.

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