This is Real

Scripture Reading

Your old life is dead. Your new life, which is your real life – even though invisible to spectators- is with Christ in God. He is your life.

Colossians 3:3-4 (The Message)

Thought of the Day

Well, we are just over six months from when our lives were changed. It seems like longer. Hopefully, you are doing well. It has not been easy, but important for us to still be careful. The stupid virus is still all around us and there are a lot of us that are in those high-risk categories. Be safe out there.

Have you seen the movie A Beautiful Mind?  Not a new one, it has been out quite a while. It is a pretty good movie. It is the story of John Nash, a brilliant mathematician, and his struggle with schizophrenia. The movie does a most amazing job of showing John’s constant battle with determining the difference between what was real and what was not. Towards the very end of the movie, there is a great scene between John and his wife. It is at time where they are at a crossroad because of his mental illness and the absolute need to do something to help him cope and survive and find reality. With great strength and even greater love, John’s wife reaches out to him in a wonderful way. She kneels down in front of him as he sat on the bed. She takes her hand and touches him on his cheek and quietly says to him “this is real.” She takes his hand and places it against her face and says to him, “this is real.” She then places his hand on her heart and says once again “this is real.”

Isn’t that awesome moment? At a time when John needed it the very most, his loving wife reminded him that her love for him was real. She broke through and showed him that she was there to help him figure out what was real. She was there for him.

Thank goodness that we have a God in Jesus the Christ that does the same for us every day. He touches us with His healing and loving hands and says, “this is real.” He touches our heart with His grace and compassion and says, “this is real.” Never ever forget that fact.


Jesus, You are most real. You are my life. Amen.

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