The Hands Are Different

Scripture reading

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;
–Isaiah 49:16a

Thought of the Day

There is a little story about a tiny village in Africa. For years there was a government clinic in the area run by doctors hired by the government. Then Christian missionaries moved into the area and opened up a school outside of town. Then a missionary doctor arrived and a new clinic was built and opened. At first the missionaries were concerned that the people would not make the trip to the new clinic because it was further away from the village. To their surprise they found that people from all the surrounding area made the journey to the missionary clinic, most even traveling past the government clinic to make it to the Christian doctor. The missionaries asked the people why they came. The answer was quite simple. They said, “The medicine is the same, but the hands are different”. The medicine is the same, but the hands are different.
Since the creation of the earth, people have figured it out that God’s Hands are different. Have you?


Father, Hold me, Comfort me, and Heal me with your most awesome hands. Amen.

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