The Gift of Jesus

Scripture reading

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

–2 Corinthians 9:15

Thought of the Day

I love Christmas. One of the fun things around our family is the sharing of Christmas lists for gifts. Since it is sometimes hard to find that perfect gift for relatives, we just get everyone to make lists so we can get them what they need or want. I always enjoy reading the lists. My daughter Kelly has on her list a new headlight for her car. A couple of months ago she was driving and something flew up and broke it. She replaced the bulb and it works, but the housing is broken. She taped it to try to keep water out of it. When I saw it on her list, I realized that I probably should have fixed it way before now. I am not sure that she will open up her new explorer headlight on Christmas morning and look at me with tears of joy and happiness. Maybe she was dropping me a hint. I had to smile at my brother’s list. Number one on his list was world peace. That would be a great gift for sure. Number five on his list was “some black socks, not like those creepy ones our dad used to wear”. I want to give him world peace, but I imagine he will get black socks instead.

It might be cool for each of us to make our own list of gifts that we want this Christmas. Not a list of material things, but other things that we hope and dream of. Things like peace on earth, healing in relationships, growth in faith, and a giving and compassionate heart. Be sure to put at the top of your list, the best gift of all. It is an indescribable gift. It is the gift that God gave us. For God so loved the world, that he sent His only Son, Jesus the Christ. Accept this amazing gift!


Lord, Thank You for the gift of Jesus. Amen.

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