Ten Gallon Hat

Scripture reading

Jesus answered him, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.”
–Luke 23:43

Thought of the Day

At first I was shocked and then I felt betrayed. How could it be, I wondered? All of these years, I had believed a lie. I will let you in on the untruth I recently uncovered. It seems that a ten-gallon cowboy hat will only hold about three quarts of water. Upon a little research I found out the following. Cowboy hat scholars say that it was originally a ten-galon hat—a galon was a unit of currency, probably Spanish, and a hat costing ten galons was a very fancy hat indeed. Over time, we ended up with the English version, a ten-gallon hat. Now that I think about it, you would have to have a very large head to wear a hat that would hold ten gallons of water. I am sorry to have shattered your faith about truth and cowboy hats. I can tell you about a truth that will always be a truth. Did you know that Jesus used the phrase, “I tell you the truth”, over eighty times in the Gospels? Time and time again, He used those words as He taught His people. He meant them, too.
Jesus is the truth. Don’t ever question that fact!


Jesus, What you say to me is true. Let me hear Your words. Amen.

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