Scripture reading

The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and He knows those that trust in Him.
–Nahum 1:7

Thought of the Day

A number of years ago, believers in Japan faced abuse and persecution whenever they assembled to worship Christ. Every time the Christians would come together, mobs would gather and heckle and throw stones at them. The small group of followers would not let their faith be shaken and would continue to have their weekly meetings. Eventually the opposition became so great that the outdoor services had to be abandoned. Much later when peace and tolerance had come to the community, many came to know Christ. They returned to the spot where the earlier attacks had taken place and decided to build a small chapel for worship. They picked up the stones and used them to help build the house of worship.
I love this story. Those great people of faith never lost hope. They used stones that were at one time stumbling blocks to become stepping stones. Maybe we need to look around for the stones around us in our lives and figure out how to use them in such a positive way.


Lord, Help me to always keep the faith. Amen.

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