Standup Bass

Scripture reading

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
–Hebrews 13:8

Thought of the Day

Last week I went to a dinner theater in Nashville, honoring the music and life of Elvis Presley. (Don’t worry, this has not become the Elvis Thought of the Day. Just bear with me for one more Elvis story) It was great. This guy sang for about an hour and a half nonstop singing a ton of Elvis songs. He even asked for requests and I yelled out my favorite and he sang it. IN THE GHETTO. I loved it. Anyway, at the end of the show, “Elvis” introduced his band. There was a keyboard guy, a lead guitar, a drummer and a bass player. Dave, the bass player, played both an electric bass and a standup bass. (Not at the same time, though.) “Elvis” after introducing Dave, went on to tell us that the standup bass was actually from the mid 1700’s. It was over two hundred and fifty years old. I was pretty amazed and impressed. I began to think about that bass. I thought about when it was brand new and what kind of music it was built to play. It would have shocked those who built it or first owned it to find out that now in the year 2001 it was playing Elvis Presley songs. It served its purpose then and after all these years it is still serving the same purpose now.
I guess I would lift up this story and our scripture today to all those who think that God is outdated or that the Bible was written for those a long time ago. Just as that standup bass has stood the test of time, so does Jesus the Christ. Never ever forget that.


Jesus, Thank you for never changing. Amen.

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