Scripture reading

Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningness.
–Ecclesiastes 5:10

Thought of the Day

Harvey Ball died last week. He was best known for about ten minutes of work he did back in 1964. You see, Harvey owned an ad agency and was hired by the State Mutual Life Assurance Company to design a graphic symbol for a “friendship campaign” to bolster morale after a corporate takeover created a workplace of unhappy people. Harvey quickly came up with “Smiley”. He took a sunny yellow circle outlined in black and added two dots for eyes and a loopy grin and the rest is history. The company made buttons with the smiley face to give to employees to remind them to smile when they dealt with customers. They became so popular that the company began reordering the buttons in orders of 10,000 to fill requests from customers who wanted them. Do you know how much money Harvey Ball made from his simple but now worldwide symbol for happiness? Are you ready for this number? Harvey made the total sum of $45.00 for the design of “Smiley”. He failed to copyright it and the designs fell into the public domain for anyone to copy and use.
His son, Charlie said this of his father; “He never thought he was put here to chase money, but he understood the power of the smiley face and was enormously proud of it. He left this world with no apologies and no regrets, happy to have this as his legacy.”
I don’t know anything about Mr. Ball’s faith but I do know that he understood the scripture for today. How about you?


Father, True wealth comes from you. Amen.

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