Role Model

Scripture reading

In everything set them an example by doing what is good.
–Titus 1:7a

Thought of the Day

I like the newspaper, USA TODAY. I like it because it gives a little bit of information about a lot of things and sometimes a lot of info about very little things. They also drop in little boxes of statistics and stuff that is sometimes interesting. A while back they had some tips for encouraging kids to read. The number one top tip is by being a role model by reading. Next was to set aside a regular reading time. The third tip was to visit a library or bookstore with children. The list concluded with limiting TV time and having books available around the house. This list makes a lot of sense to me. As I read it, I began to think about how these same tips might work for some other things. What if you were trying to encourage a friend to come to church with you? It might help if you were a role model by coming to church yourself. It might help convince them if they saw that you set aside a regular schedule for church time. It might help if you invited them to come with you. I’m not sure how you can convince your friend to cut back on the TV time, but you might loan them a Bible or make a devotional book available for them.
Try it with some other tasks at hand. The answer is that being a role model is the best way to teach and encourage others to do something. It is that easy, or is it?


Father, Help me to show You to others through me. Amen.

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