Praising God

Scripture reading

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song.

–Psalm 98:4

Thought of the Day

Do you know someone who just thinks too much about some things? Maybe you are one who always has to analyze things more than normal. In his book, THE BIBLE JESUS READ, Philip Yancey lifts up the psalms and how important praise and worship is for us as people of faith. He writes, “When the ancient Hebrews encountered something beautiful or majestic, their natural response was not to contemplate the scene or to analyze it, but rather to praise God for it and maybe write a poem. Their fingers itched for the harp; their vocal cords longed for the hymn.”
I love the image of fingers itching for the harp. What if our natural response was when we encounter God in His world was to instantly act on that beauty? If we tried to see the world through God’s eyes, then I imagine that we would do all kinds of cool things. Our arms would be ready to help lift our brothers and sisters heavy load. Our legs and feet would be ready to walk that extra mile. Our ears would be ready to listen to those who need to talk. Our heart would be open to reach out to others who need love the very most. I think I will do all I can to make my natural response one that will certainly please God.


Lord Above, Let me be Your hands and feet and let me praise You in all I do. Amen.

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