Our Calling in Christ

Scripture reading

Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.

–Proverbs 16:3

Thought of the Day

In his book, “Sources of Strength”, Jimmy Carter writes of a favorite story his “daddy” used to tell. It was about a young man who worked daybreak to dark on the family farm. One day he felt the call of God and looked around for signs. Sure enough, he looked up to the sky and the clouds seemed to form the letters, “GOP”. He instantly knew that it was God telling him to “Go Out and Preach”. The young man left the farm and began preaching. The problem was that he was not a good preacher. No one wanted to listen to his sermons. It was only then he realized that the message in the sky really meant, “Go On Plowing”.
Pretty funny story. I talk to young people all the time about their “calling” as they try to figure out God’s plan for their lives. Of course I encourage full time ministry if that is the direction they are leaning, but I also tell them that they can be in ministry no matter what profession they choose. You can be a doctor, or lawyer, or teacher, or work at the McDonalds, or even own the McDonalds and still be called into ministry. Jesus calls each of us to minister to each other in all that we do. It doesn’t hurt to look for signs and listen for his voice either as we seek our calling.


Lord, I commit my works and my whole being to Your Kingdom. Amen.

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