Scripture reading

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.
–Luke 19:10

Thought of the Day

A couple of days ago I went to lunch with a couple of friends. We went to James Coney Island and I had the New York dog with …(that’s not really important I guess). Anyway, when we were driving back to the church, I noticed a button on his dash with a star on it. It was his ONSTAR satellite-tracking device. I asked him about it and he pushed the button to show me what all it could do. It was unbelievable. Instantly a woman answered and asked how to pronounce his last name. He told her and she then went on to ask what she could do for him that day. He replied that he wanted to show his friends what ONSTAR could do. He then asked her to pin point exactly where we were as we were driving. It took her just a second to tell us the exact block and street where we were. She went on to tell us what color and type of vehicle we were in. I was amazed. I couldn’t help myself. I quickly asked her what Jayson was wearing that day. She said a blue shirt and jeans. Pretty close. He had on a blue shirt and a pair of khakis.
That is rocket science, my friends. It is a pretty cool thing for someone to be able to find you if you are lost. I guess that Jesus is a rocket scientist since He has been doing the same for a long long time.


Father, Thank you for seeking and searching for me. Amen.

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