One Hit Wonders

Scripture reading

“Listen, O Job, stop and consider the wonderful miracles of God.”
–Job 37:14a

Thought of the Day

Our youth staff just got back from a whirlwind college tour to visit our college students. We hit Austin for lunch, Waco for dinner, Ft. Worth for a late night party and early morning breakfast, and then College Station for lunch, and then home. We were able to visit and feed over fifty college types in all of our travels. It was awesome to see them, see how things are going, and to “connect” again. While we were in Austin, we visited my son Parker’s dorm room. It looked good considering that Parker has risen as the “clean one” of the group. His mother is quite proud. Anyway, while there, I noticed that he was listening to an Internet radio station on his computer. I asked him about it and what he told me was pretty cool. Once you get online and to the web site, you have many choices on what to listen to. There are all kinds of genres of music. You can choose Golden Oldies, or 80’s alternative. If hip-hop or jazz grabs you, then this is your site. You name it, you can get it. As I looked at it, one particular category caught my eye. It was called “one hit wonders”. This grouping of songs only contain songs from groups that only had one big hit. They were all great songs, but the band or artist who performed them faded from view after this one great hit. What a great song list. Imagine being able to turn on this station, and choose the one hit wonder category and then sit back and listen to one great song after another. There would be no bad songs.
As I read our scripture for today, it made me think about old Job and what all he had to listen to. He didn’t have a computer or radio, but he did have the opportunity to listen to the One who never could be listed on the one hit wonder list. Job listened to God who turns out wondrous miracle after another. He did it for Job, (eventually), and He will do it for you every day.


Father in Heaven, Thank you for the wonderment that is You. Amen.

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