Mountain Lions

Scripture reading

I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.
–Genesis 28:15

Thought of the Day

The fam and I spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s in Tucson. Well, about half of it in Tucson, the other half we spent on the road, driving to Tucson. Yes, I have heard of the Wright Brothers and their amazing new invention. For some reason, back when we could have maybe bought tickets cheaper, we decided to drive. It is a wonderful way to see the country you know. That drive out I10 through west Texas is simply breathtaking. (Actually I think it was the dry air). Anyway, we had a good time in Tucson. One day, we traveled south of town to the Sabina Canyon National Park. It was awesome. We rode a tram up the mountain a few miles and took in all the sights. It was cool. You could get off and explore along the way down and so we did. We stopped off and climbed among the rocks for a while. I am proud to say that I did something that my entire family said that I couldn’t. Have you seen Mission Impossible 2, when Tom Cruise is hanging from the face of a rock cliff? Well, I’ll admit that I am no Tom Cruise (surprised aren’t you?) but I did climb up the face of this giant rock just to show my family that it could be done. It took every bit of my being to find handholds and crevices where I could wedge my feet so I could pull myself up to the very top. There was one moment when it was touch and go but I just closed my eyes and thought of Rocky and began to hum “Eye of the Tiger”. It worked and I made it to the top. It is hard to describe the feeling that came over me as I stood at the summit looking down the eight feet I had just conquered. (OK, OK, it seemed higher when I started at the bottom).

As we rode the tram up the mountain, the driver pointed out sights and facts along the way. He talked about all the wildlife that lived in and around the canyon. Rattlesnakes and wild pigs and deer and other things were there. He told us that one of the largest populations of mountain lions lived in the Canyon. In fact, he said, animal experts were sure that you could not travel anywhere in the whole park without a mountain lion watching you at all times. That remark did make me quickly look around to make sure I couldn’t see one. I didn’t. I guess the one watching me ducked behind a rock or something when I looked.

After we left the park, I thought about what that ranger said. No matter where a person was, a mountain lion was watching them. Seeing their every move. Watching their every step. You know, that sounds like someone else I know. You know Him, too. Never ever forget that as we begin this new year. Happy New Year.


Father, Thank you for your ever presence in our lives. Amen.

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