Mister Rogers

Scripture reading

Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere.

–Psalm 84:10a

Thought of the Day

It is a sad day in the neighborhood today. The beloved Mister Rogers died after a bout with cancer. For more than three decades Fred Rogers assured children and adults that it was a “beautiful day in the neighborhood”. He was able to convince us that because we could all tell that he really meant it. His calm peaceful way comforted and taught us about how to get along with our neighbor and how to make a difference in our world. Did you know that Mister Rogers was also known as Reverend Rogers? He was a television show host and an ordained Presbyterian minister.
Mister Rogers will certainly be missed here on earth, but I have the feeling that he is once again singing his familiar song up in his new neighborhood.


Lord God, we know in You, all things are beautiful. Amen.

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