Mighty Oak

Scripture reading

For as the days of a tree, so will the days of my people; my chosen ones will long enjoy the works of their hands.
–Isaiah 65:22b

Thought of the Day

It was amazing to see. This once mighty oak tree would stand tall no more. They are not sure what happened, but it sure did happen. A couple of weeks ago after a big wind and rainstorm, a giant oak tree at my parent’s house fell against the garage. Actually it quickly leaned against the garage. After getting with the insurance guy, my dad hired a company to take it out. They estimated that this old tree was over one hundred years old. When he called me to tell me that day was the day, I quickly rushed to be at his side. Why was I there? Was it because it was the day to say goodbye to one of God’s great creations? Was it to count the rings throughout the trunk and try to go back in history to fully understand how this mighty oak had survived throughout the years? Was it to imagine all the people over the past one hundred years that had lovingly watered and pruned and raked its leaves? Was it to think about many swings had swung from its branches? How many children had climbed on its limbs? Why was I there? Maybe a little for all those reasons, but mainly because to take that tree out, there was a large truck with a giant crane rising above it, a big wood chipper making mulch, and three guys with ropes and chainsaws. It was awesome. These guys were geniuses. The crane guy could lift logs weighing thousands of pounds and lay them in the back of the truck. The chain saw guys knew where to tie the ropes and wrap the steel cables and where to cut. They worked together to make it all happen. I guess that you could even say that I really enjoyed the work of their hands.
Remember that as God’s chosen people that we too will enjoy the work of our hands.


God, Let me use my hands to serve and glorify you. Amen.

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