Mend the World

Scripture reading

But now, O Lord, Thou are our Father, We are the clay, and Thou our potter; and all of us are the work of Your hands.
–Isaiah 64:8

Thought of the Day

Mary Moschella, gave the baccalaureate address at Harvard Divinity School, in 1983 upon her graduation. In her speech she talked about her time in Israel, working on an archaeological dig. Most of the time the work was tedious. In her time there, not one whole vessel was uncovered, just broken pieces of pottery. As the summer progressed, Mary was able to see entire ancient vessels slowly and carefully reconstructed. She was amazed at how anyone could have possibly managed to piece together so many small broken nondescript shards of clay. Mary realized that if it were possible to restore these vessels that perhaps at least some of the world’s brokenness could be overcome. She decided to do all she could to “mend the world”.
Pretty good plan, I think. Mend the world. Maybe that is something we all need to try to work on. We can, you know, with God as our potter.


Father, Only You can repair our brokenness. Amen.

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