Scripture reading

He who has ears, let him hear.
–Matthew 11:15

Thought of the Day

I recently read an interesting fact about how fast the average person speaks. I must hang out with people who are above average because the number seemed way low to me. See what you think. The average person speaks at a rate of 125 words per minute. (So far I have written 66 words. Read everything up to this and time yourself and you can tell if you are “above average” or a little slow. By that I mean a slow speaker. Nothing personal.) Did you also know that people listen at about 600 words a minute? I am no math expert but… wait a minute, that reminds me of something I heard once. There are three kinds of people in this world. Those who are good at math and those who are not. Anyway, I am no expert, but if people speak at 125 words a minute and people listen at about 600 words a minute, it seems that there is no excuse for not listening to people who are speaking to you. Maybe sometimes we don’t hear those around us, because we are not trying hard enough. So no excuses. Listen. Just listen.
By the way, I know that God is above average, but I imagine that if we listen hard enough we can hear His voice. Listen. Just listen.


Lord of mine. I want to hear you. Amen.

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