Knowing God

Scripture reading

If you really knew Me, you would know My Father as well. From now on, you do know Him and have seen Him.

–Genesis John 14:7

Thought of the Day

Are there people out there in the world that you think you know that you have never met? Last week I attended a funeral of someone I had met a couple of times, but I really didn’t know. She was the mother and grandmother of friends that I do know very well. It was a very special celebration. When it was over, I definitely felt like I knew her. I heard and sang some hymns that were special to her. I heard scripture that was important to her. I listened as family and friends shared stories about how she had impacted their lives in so many ways. I heard the minister talk about her faithfulness; about how she had been married for sixty years and a member of that church for seventy five years. I saw how the church was full to over flowing with friends and loved ones. Looking back at that morning, I realized that I now not only knew about Faith Loucille Campbell, I knew her. By hearing so many talk about her love and by knowing those who loved her, I knew her.
You know, knowing Christ is the same. It is pretty easy to know about Jesus, but it is not until we see how He changes lives and showers us with His love do we begin to really know Him. It is not until we see how He touches those around us, do we really begin to know Him. It is not until we feel His love and forgiveness and grace do we really fully know Him. Do everything you can to know Him.


Thank You for putting people in our lives that teaches us who you are. Amen.

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