Just Do It

Scripture Reading

You may ask Me for anything in My name, and I will do it.

John 14:14

Thought of the Day

Hope this past week has gone OK for you. As things begin to further open, please, please be careful. Remember to protect yourself and remember to respect and do what you can to protect those around you. We can all get through this together. Good luck out there.

Have you ever heard of Dan Wieden? I only know who he is because a while back, I was reading an article about product branding and the process that happens as the final product is developed. That is where I learned about Dan Weiden and his partner, David Kennedy. Back in 1988, they had an advertising firm up in Oregon. One of their clients was a smaller shoe company. One day Dan did his magic. He came up with perhaps the most famous slogan ever. Surely you have figured out what Dan Weiden came up with. JUST DO IT. Those three simple words with a more simple check mark or swoosh helped Nike become the company for running shoes. (Now if you know me, I imagine that you are wondering how in the heck I know anything about running. I know nothing about running. In fact, if you ever see me running, call the police. Someone bad is chasing me.)  Just do it.

Over the years, others have taken those three words and used them to promote other things too. Perhaps you have seen the takeoff on faith using Just Do It. I do not know who came up with it. It is probably from several people. Here it is.

Just believe it.
Just walk it.
Just talk it.
Just preach it.
Just teach it.
Just tell it.
Just live it.
Just give it.
Just wear it.
Just share it.
Just shout it.
Just sing it.
Just proclaim it.

These strange times scream for us to turn to God. The Word can provide comfort and strength. Prayer doesn’t always change things, but it can change us.


Lord, we know You can change our lives with Your love and Your peace. Just do it. (Please.) Amen.

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