If Not Here, Then Near

Scripture reading

Be still and know that I am God.

–Genesis psalm 46:10

Thought of the Day

The captain turned off the engine and the boat slowed down and began to drift. All of a sudden it got pretty quiet. All I could hear was the splash of the waves against the boat and wind blowing across the water. I remember the words that our guide repeated over and over as we visited different places. He would say to us, “If not here, then near.” “If not here, then near.” I had an unbelievable feeling come over me. There I was on a fishing boat in the middle of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. I was on the same water that Jesus was on so long ago. If not here, then near.
I just got back from an amazing trip to the Holy Lands. Being in the land where Jesus walked, or I guess even the water where Jesus walked was the best. The scriptures came alive for me as we visited the different Holy sites.
I thought of our scripture for today as I sat there in the quiet boat. I thought about how still it was and how peaceful it had become. I knew that God was God. I hope and pray that you too can find that place of stillness and peace. I hope and pray that you too will know that God is God.


God, I want to know You. I want to be still and know You. Amen.

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