Holy Ground

Scripture reading

God said, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is Holy Ground”.

–Exodus 3:5

Thought of the Day

This past Sunday night was most special for me. It was a time when we gathered our college summer staff together for the first time as a group. We first gathered for a meal. Then we moved to the chapel here at the church and sang together. In the quietness of the night through the darkness we walked to the fountain terrace area. We experienced an awesome foot-washing ceremony and then walked barefoot into the sanctuary. We spent a long time praying together. It was unbelievable.
As we closed, I reminded the group that we surely walked on Holy and Sacred ground as people of faith. The carpet was soft and the marble cool to touch as we stood there in His house. I can’t tell you the calm and peace that surrounded me.
I hope you can capture that feeling as a person of worth and faith. I hope you can be cleansed and refreshed by the Living Water. I hope wherever it is you are standing is Holy Ground.


Lord, You bless us with Your love. Amen.

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