Handful of Raisins

Scripture reading

My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.
–Psalm 63:8

Thought of the Day

There is an old story about a little boy at a grocery store who was offered some raisins. The grocer told him to reach into the box and take a handful. The boy shook his head and looked up at his father who was beside him. The father reached for a handful and gave them to his son. Later, he asked his son, why he wouldn’t take the raisins for himself. The little boy smiled and explained to his father that he loved raisins and that one of his dad’s handfuls was like two of his handfuls. Pretty smart little kid, huh?
You know, I love the image of God’s hands. I love the idea of His hand “upholding” me. I love the thought that the hands of Christ Jesus that fed the hungry and healed the sick and raised the dead and calmed the seas; are the same hands that comfort me when I am sad, and dry my tears when I cry, and wrap around me when I need comfort and love. Hands that uphold me.


Lord, My soul clings to You. Your hands uphold me. Amen.

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