Greatest Inventions

Scripture reading

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

–Genesis 1:1

Thought of the Day

I recently read a pretty interesting book. The name of it is “The Greatest Inventions of the past 2000 years – Today’s Leading Thinkers Choose the Creations that Shaped Our World”. It was edited by John Brockman. There were over one hundred of Today’s Leading Thinkers that were asked to contribute their thoughts. (I guess that my letter was lost in the mail.) I must be honest with you. I did not recognize any of Today’s Leading Thinkers so that must tell you loads about where I stand on the Leading Thinker scale.
Let me tell you some of greatest inventions that were mentioned. The printing press was mentioned several times. The basket was on someone’s list. The battery was lifted up, as was the television. Papermaking, the alphabet, and flying machines were important to some. One guy wrote about the electric light and aspirin. The clock and the computer and the eraser made the list. The horse collar and stirrup were important to one of the Leading Thinkers. Many of the smart guys mentioned things I had never heard of in the areas of math and science and I don’t know areas.
I thought about what I would nominate as the greatest invention. Maybe it is the thermos. How does it know to keep cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot? I have always marveled at that one. It is somewhat fun to think about I guess, but I think I will skip past the greatest inventions and think about the creations that shaped our world. One main one comes to mind. It happened more than 2000 years ago, but I think I will go with the creation mentioned in our scripture for today. I think I will stick with God’s creation as the one that shaped our world the very most.


God, Thank you for creating us. Amen.

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