God Remembers Us

Scripture reading

The LORD remembers us and will bless us:

–Psalm 115:12a

Thought of the Day

The world wide web has brought us some amazing things and also some stupid things. How did we stay “informed” on important stuff before the web existed? The other day I saw a video on google that was kind of interesting. It seems that this woman decided to take a picture of herself every day for three months and then put all the photos in a video. Now remember that I said it was kind of interesting, not very interesting. You could see the different hairstyles that she had and what season it was by what she was wearing. She never was really smiling, so either that was her intent, or she was having a bad three months. A few years ago I read about a father who had a couple of daughters that were I think, thirteen and ten years old at the time of the article. This dad was a camera nut and had taken pictures of his daughters every day of their lives to that time. Yes, I said, EVERY DAY. Now days it would be easy to keep digital pictures but ten years ago, not so easy. I guess this family has photo album upon photo album with pictures of their daughters. Now there had to be some days that the girls just did not feel like getting their pictures taken by good old dad. I wonder if he is still taking the pictures? At some point he just has to stop. This past Christmas I had the genius idea of giving our parents, a subscription to the Cragg Family Photo of the Month Club. Instead of sending fruit each month we would take a family picture of my wife and our kids and send it to the grandparents. I thought it would be cool to take a picture of the four of us each month. I envisioned that we could even dress up depending on the time of year. That idea bombed in February. I could not get them to dress up like former Presidents on President’s day. Anyway, photos are great ways to remember the times in our lives.
Guess what? God does not need a camera! He remembers us no matter where we are or what we are doing. He has us captured in His heart. How cool is that?


Lord, You bless us in so many ways. Thanks for that. Amen.

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