God knows you

Scripture reading

And even the very hairs on your head are all numbered; so don’t be afraid; you are all worth more than many sparrows.

–Matthew 10:30-31

Thought of the Day

I miss Ralph. Don’t worry, Ralph is alive and well somewhere out there. He is just not alive and well at my barbershop. Ralph was my barber for over twenty-five years. That is a long time. About a year or so, Ralph moved away to another shop, so I had to change barbers. Not a big thing you might think? You would be wrong thinking that. I have not found another Ralph. Each time I go to the barber now, I really miss Ralph. I got a haircut last week. As I sat there in the chair I began to miss Ralph. I didn’t even know this new guy’s name. When he finished and I put my glasses on to inspect and get up to leave I really missed Ralph. My hair was way short. I mean really short. Perhaps almost military short. I did look at the guy’s nameplate so I would know whom not to go to next time. Of course, next time will be in six or eight months.

I can’t tell you the great response I have had about my new ‘do. My son, Parker told me that in his twenty-two years of knowing me, he had never seen my hair that short. My sweet loving wife, told me, “Nice haircut” which made me feel good, until I began to think and realized that maybe she meant, “nice haircut”, in a mean sarcastic way. The more I think about it I am pretty sure she meant “nice haircut” in a loving nice way. Today, I even got a call from down the hallway at the church, “let me see this haircut”. It is nice that people care about the hairs on my head. Guess what, we have a God in Jesus Christ who certainly cares about the hairs on your head. If you are bald, he still cares about you. That is great news, friends.


Oh Lord, Thank You for knowing me and caring about me and loving me. Amen.

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