God is God

Scripture reading

Be still and know that I am God.

–Psalm 46:10

Thought of the Day

As I sat in the pew in our beautiful sanctuary last night at our Ash Wednesday Service, I thought a lot about the beginning of Lent and the preparation before me as Easter approached. When Dr. Simmons explained the symbolism of the ashes that were to be rubbed on our foreheads in the shape of the cross, something he said really grabbed me. He talked about how the ashes reminded each of us that we are born of this earth and of this earth we will die but that the Lord God will go on forever. The ashes remind us that “God is God and we are not”.
Do you need to be reminded of those words of wisdom? Sometimes I do. Just in case you do, too, here they are again.

“God is God and we are not”.


Lord, Help me to trust and to rely on You. Amen

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