God Endures Forever

Scripture reading

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will by no means pass away.

–Mark 13:31

Thought of the Day

Say it ain’t so, International Astronomical Union. What in the world, or shall I say Cosmos were you thinking? You guys are supposed to get together for conventions and watch Star War movies or Star Trek reruns, not pick on poor old Pluto. All of us have grown up depending on Pluto being a real live regular planet. Now just like that, we find out we’ve been wrong. What we learned was not true, or at least is not true anymore. What in the world, or shall I say Cosmos will we do? (how many times can I write that line? I must admit it makes me smile every time I do)

Imagine all the things that this change will affect. We will have to come up with another way to remember the planets. “My very excellent mother just sent us nine pizzas” doesn’t work anymore. Without pizzas my mom may not seem as excellent to me. (just joking mom, I love you!) What will all those amatuer astronomers do, who back in the 1960’s named their firstborn “Pluto”? Now it seems like a silly thing to name your child. What will Disney do? Does this negate all the joy that Pluto the dog has brought millions of boys and girls? (By the way, why is Pluto never wearing anything, but Goofy is always impeccably dressed?)
This decision will change things as we know it.

Let me tell you some good news though. I know something that will never change. I know something that is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is something that when heaven and earth pass away, it will still be here. It is the Word of God. Never ever forget that fact.


Lord, You and Your love endured forever. Thanks be to God. Amen.

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