God Answers Prayer

Scripture reading

And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.

–Matthew 21:22

Thought of the Day

I had an amazing thing happen to me earlier this week. I was in Gilmer doing a pre-visit for our summer workcamp. Our senior high youth will be going there this June. I was in town looking for work projects. While driving around the town, I came upon two little churches side by side. There was a van parked in front of one of the churches and there were two ladies out in front of the church. I got out of my truck to go and introduce myself and to ask about our group working there this summer. As I approached the women, I said hello and one of them asked, “Are you the man coming to fix our church?” I thought that was a little odd but went ahead and introduced myself and we began talking. We went through the church looking at different potential projects. After about an hour or so, I remembered what the woman had said to me so I asked her why she had said those words. Sister Brown smiled and said that they had needed some work done on the church and had been praying for some help. As I had walked up, they had just finished praying again for someone to come and help them fix up their church. She said that she just knew that I was that man.
I was blown away by her words and more so by their undying faith and belief in the power of prayer. It was cool being an answer to their prayers though I know that I had very little to do with it all. Of course we will bring a lot of people to do some work our time in Gilmer, but I know that God is the true answer to their prayers. God is the bridge that connected us that day in Gilmer. God will be the connection as we work together in love to do His work. God does answer prayers!


Lord, Help me to have faith in You and to turn to You in prayer constantly. Amen.

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