Foundations of Living

Scripture reading

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know Him better.

–Ephesians 1:17

Thought of the Day

I was at the bookstore the other day and spent a little time in the discount book area. I always get a little sad when I see all the books there and all the hard work and heart and soul that a lot of people put into those books. It is kind of sad that their masterpieces have been reduced and marked down so much. Of course, if some of these books were someone’s masterpiece, they might need a dictionary to find out what masterpiece means. There are some bad books out there. I guess I do judge a book by its cover sometimes. There are some bad covers out there.

Anyway, I found a great little book about Mother Teresa. It was written by a guy who worked with her in India. It is a collection of stories told by “Mother” over the years. There are some awesome stories. In spite of the fact that Mother Teresa spoke all over the world to many different groups, she never wrote her speeches out. She spoke from her heart and let God speak through her. “Mother” did write a lot of love letters to people affirming them and sharing some of her words of wisdom. In most of her letters, she enclosed a small printed card with the following on it.

Without prayer, no faith
Without faith, no love
Without love, no service
Without service, no joy, no peace.

These were her four essential foundations for living; Prayer, Faith, Love, and Action. What if, these were your four essential foundations for living? What if they were mine? Perhaps the world would be a better place. Let’s try it!


Lord God, give me the spirit of wisdom so I can better love others and You. Amen.

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