Scripture reading

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

–John 15:12

Thought of the Day

What do you know about Darfur? I hope you know about the current situation that is happening in the Sudan in Africa. Last night we had a Darfur Benefit with our youth group at the church. It was an amazing night. Almost three hundred youth were there giving money and learning about Darfur. Our goal was two fold. We wanted to raise awareness of the crisis along with raising money to send for humanitarian purposes. It was a special evening.

We had put together a Darfur Experience where the youth listened to a narrative about Darfur while walking through different areas filled with pictures and video images. The purpose was to have the youth stand at the door of what life and death is like in Darfur and also give them the opportunity to “Do Something”. I wish you could read some of the responses the youth wrote about their experience. All of them showed that they cared about what is happening in Darfur once they learned about it.

I know that you too care about what is happening. You too can DO SOMETHING! Please let our leaders in Washington know that you care about Darfur.


Lord, Give us courage to spread your love across this world. Amen.

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