Do you know what CONSECRATE means? Of course you do, but just for laughs, I decided to go to Mr. Webster to get the official, correct, and succinct definition. By the way, do you know what succinct means? Just in case you were absent the day they taught that word at school, let me tell you. To save time and space, I will give it to you in a “few concise words” instead of a long flowering definition. (I slay myself.) Succinct means concise. OK, back to lesson one and CONSECRATE. “CONSECRATE” according to Mr. Webster is a verb, meaning to “declare something to be holy.” This thought just occurred to me. How much would it stink to have Mr. Webster as your father? Of course it might help when studying for the SAT or vocab tests, but I imagine most of the time it would be a little annoying. Can you imagine having a dad who thinks he knows everything? (No comment from Parker or Kelly, please.) OK, back on track. CONSECRATE. Why don’t we go to a thesaurus to help us understand the word a little better? (In case you are wondering, the word thesaurus is not in a thesaurus.) Other words for CONSECRATE are exalt, extol, hallow, and honor. Do you know what …? Of course you do.

Why am I acting like this is a English lesson? (Just testing you. Did you pick up that I said, a English lesson instead of the correct “an English lesson?”) This letter is not about English. It is about THE REFUGE. If by now you do not know about THE REFUGE, then the first part of this letter is beyond you. In fact, maybe even reading is beyond you. THE REFUGE is something that will change your life. THE REFUGE is something like nothing you have ever seen. THE REFUGE is for YOUth.

On February 8th, we will be consecrating THE REFUGE and the rest of The Connection Center across the street. We will be exalting and extolling it. We will be honoring it and calling it hallowed ground. Most of all we will go to God and ask Him to make it something Holy.

This CONSECRATION will happen at 6:00 pm on Sunday night, February 8th. YOU need to be a part of this important event. Why? First of all, because THE REFUGE is for YOUth. YOU need to be there with open arms and hearts to accept this gift from Memorial Drive Church and to take part in the ceremony. Let me tell you another reason to be there. As THE REFUGE is being CONSECRATED so can YOU. This will be a time where YOU can dedicate and re-dedicate your life to Christ. YOU can allow God to make YOU Holy through His Word, and His Love, and His Forgiveness and His Grace. I hope and pray YOU will allow this to happen.

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