Connected with Others

Scripture Reading

Anyone who listens to My teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.

Matthew 7:24

Thought of the Day

Well, how are things this week?  I hope you are safe and sound. Things are still crazy I know. Stay home if you can. Wear a mask. (For some of us, it might be an improvement.) Do things that make you feel alive. Write a note. Send an email. Call someone. Figure out how to connect with others. Figure out how to help someone. It will make you feel better. We all need things that make us feel better.

I was looking thru an old hard drive and found a thought from about twenty years or so ago. It made me think about my dad, who is ninety-one and is still kicking pretty well, and my grandson who just turned four who lights up my life. Those were nice thoughts.

John Wesley founded Methodism in the late 18 th  century. In 1784, Mr. Wesley brought Thomas Coke in the fold as a Superintendent. In 1784, Coke, “anointed” Francis Asbury as an Elder in the church. In 1792, Asbury enlisted William McKendre to be an Elder. McKendre brought Robert Paine in as Elder in 1824. John Granbury, in 1853 was called to be an Elder by Paine. In 1895, Granbury brought William Newton Ainsworth into the church as Elder. Ainsworth, called A. Frank Smith, in 1919. In 1954, Smith prayed over a young Elder, named H. Eugene Cragg. H. Eugene Cragg brought his favorite son, Stephen Cragg, (sorry Chris) into the world in 1956. In 1983, Stephen Cragg, laid his hands for the first time on his son, Parker Cragg, and 1986 his daughter, Kelly was held for the first time. In 2016, Stephen Francisco Vicente was ushered into the world.

You know, we all stand on the shoulders of giants, on heroes of faith. I love looking at this foundation of faith that supports me. How about you?  Who is a part of your foundation?  Whose foundation, are you?  Make your list. Then let those before you and after you that you appreciate and love them. The Good News is that Christ Jesus is the master builder that connects us all together in His name. Never ever forget that fact.


Father, Thank You for connecting us all as one in You. Amen.

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