Bring Us Home

Scripture reading

Your eyes will see the king in His beauty and view a land that stretches afar.
–Isaiah 33:17

Thought of the Day

One of my favorite movies is APOLLO 13. It was awesome. I only wish that I had seen the first twelve Apollo movies. In the movie, Tom Hanks plays Jim Lovell the astronaut. In an interview he told about something that had happened to him during the Vietnam Conflict. He was a fighter pilot who had gone out on a mission and was returning to land on an aircraft carrier. Because of enemy attack, the carrier could not turn on the landing lights for Lovell to see to land. His plane was almost out of fuel and he considered ejecting. All of a sudden, the lights in his instrument panel went completely out. Just when things seemed the darkest, literally, Lovell got a break. You see, when he found himself in total darkness, he was able to see the fluorescent glow of plankton that had been stirred up by the big carrier. That glow allowed him to find his way and land his plane without a problem. As he related this story to the reporter, he added these words. “You know, you never know what it is that is going to lead you home.”
You know what I thought of when I heard them? I thought of changing the words to, “You never know what it is that is going to lead you to Christ.“ I see things all the time that remind me of Christ Jesus. I am reminded of Christ in movies that I see. Books that I read. Articles that I see. Even some mindless TV shows jump out at me sometimes. I see Christ in things outdoors. I hear Christ through music and word. I see Christ through people I know. It is awesome. It makes me know more than ever that we have a God who reveals himself in so many ways.
So I say to you to open your eyes and see God. Look for Christ wherever you are. Experience the feeling of closeness and love as you truly feel His presence in your world. The Good News is that God is with us all the time. The Good News is that if we open up our eyes, and most importantly our hearts that He will “bring us home”. Never ever forget that.


Awesome God, Help me to see you in all that I do. Amen.

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