Be Still

Scripture reading

Be still and know that I am God.

–Psalm 46:10

Thought of the Day

Today I picked up this little devotional book that I have and found some interesting facts about how much the average person speaks in a day. See if you are average or not. Do you have at least thirty conversations a day? Will you spend one fifth of your entire life talking? During last year, did you speak enough words to fill sixty-six 800-page books? If you are like me, you are thinking that you know several people that are way above average.
I love our scripture for today. In today’s world maybe more than ever before, we need to be still and get away from all the noise. How about spending some quiet time praying, or reading the Word, or singing praises to God, or just thinking about how awesome He really is to love us and forgive us and comfort us. We need to be still and listen and know that He is God.


God, In the quietness I can hear you so much better. Amen.

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