Where did the Thought of the Day originate?

With the advent of email, it became obvious that this was a medium that could be used to help spread the Word. To help youth focus on Easter and the season of Lent, daily thoughts were sent out in the spring of 2000. There was good response and youth added friends and family to the list. After Easter came and went, I decided to continue the thoughts two days a week. They currently are sent whenever God speaks to me.

Where do the thoughts come from?

I am an avid reader and collector of stories. I have eight or nine notebooks filled with clippings, and notes and things that has grabbed me for some reason or another. I have fifty or sixty books that have dog-eared pages with pen marks that remind me what someone did or said that reminded me of God. I am most fortunate to see Christ in the world in so many ways and places. I see him on TV and in movies. I keep a pad and a pen next to my easy chair so I can write notes down when things hit me. I keep pen and paper in my car for the same. I love compiling the thoughts because they remind me too of God’s ever presence in my world and His love through Jesus the Christ.

Do you have copies of all the thoughts?

I do keep a master list, and I hope to some time in the future be able to compile and bind them as a devotional book for youth and also a resource for youth talks for youth directors. I think that stories and illustrations are a great way to show the Gospel and understand God’s impact and love in our lives.

I’ve got some good ideas for thoughts, do you want me to send them to you?

YES!!!!!!! – visit the “Contact Me” page

Who is Steve and why do we care if he speaks?

I have served as a youth director for over 32 years. Having the opportunity to minister to thousands of youth over the years has allowed my faith to grow in so many ways. I have seen the face of Christ in so many of the youth I have been most fortunate to hang with. I love to write about how God “invades” every moment of our lives even though we don’t always know it because of other “stuff” in the way. Stories help me “understand” God in my life. I do not think that I have great words of wisdom. I do know that God does. Hopefully sometimes God gives me some of those words.