900 Times

Scripture reading

Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.
–Psalm 46:10

Thought of the Day

I am glad I am not married to Mrs. Myra Franklin. She is however, on my list of phone a friend if I am ever on the Millionaire Show and asked a question about the movie, THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Myra would be my expert on that movie because of a simple fact. Do you want to know what that fact is? Myra must be the world’s foremost authority on THE SOUND OF MUSIC because she has seen it more than 900 times! Let me tell you that again. Myra Franklin has watched the movie more than 900 times! Now I know nothing at all about Myra other than her seemingly obsession with the Von Trapp family. I myself have probably seen the movie 6-8 times and I could pretty much recite lines and outline scenes for you if I had to. You would think by now, Myra could just sit back and be still and know the movie by heart. I think I am going to let Myra keep her record. I would be better off knowing some other more important things. Like maybe, knowing that God is God, to be exalted among all the nations.


God, I exalt you. Amen.

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